He was changed…

Hi, my name is Isaac and I just turned 12 years old. I am the oldest of eight kids. Five of them were born in Ethiopia.

My parents started a nonprofit to help the families that live in Korah, Ethiopia. The people there dig through the trash dump for food. We help 49 families through monthly sponsorship, so they don’t have to eat the food they find in the dump. I recently took my first missions trip with my dad and brother to visit our sponsored families in Korah.
Many of the people that live there have Polio, TB, crippled and leprosy. It was a little scary seeing people with missing fingers and legs (from leprosy), but I got used to it quickly because it was everywhere. The people are kind and their smiles are real.
One of the sponsored families that we visited really spoke to my heart. He is very crippled from polio. He has to use shoes on his hands, because he uses his hands and feet to walk. He doesn’t let being crippled stop him though. His dream is to own a small business making furniture. He wants to work to provide for his family. So many of the stories are similar to his, but his inspired me.
Being with the people in Korah taught me a lot of things. They taught me to always have hope. They have nothing and live beside a trash dump, but they still have dreams. They taught me that I need to be grateful for the things I take for granted. Clean water, fresh food and a warm dry house are things that they don’t have, but I have them without even thinking about it. My parents live simply so they can give and now I really understand why.