Sponsorship does make a difference…

Each month the Pastors go to each sponsored family and see what their needs are for the coming month. When they visited last week they found that two families were sick. Because these families have sponsors, they were able to get the help that they needed. Below are pictures and an email that Tesfaye (one of the Pastors) sent A Heat For Korah.
“when the time of need assusmant we was found two family of the sponsored have sick that is Abebech one of her children Feben is sick her eyes so we sent her to a clinic to get a medicine, i am including her picture in this email.” Tesfaye
“The other family is Meseret, she is very sick by HIV and  pneumonia, so she have got a medicine from government hospital with out fee, so she was need told as to buy for her milk so we buy for her milk for 10 day and the reset of the money we buy food for the family.” Tesfaye

Please be praying for these families…
For Feben as she continues to heal from her eye infection. Pray that there is no permanent damage. Also for Meseret. She is very sick. In Ethiopia you are able to get free HIV medicine, BUT you have to get to the clinic to pick it up. You also need to be eating a very healthy diet for the medicine to be effective. Because of these factors, not many people are able to get the medicine or are able to get better even though they are taking it.
I am so thankful for our sponsors that are living out Proverbs 31:8-9